ESC Volunteer Offer in Culture and Creativity in Poland (near Katowice)

🌍 Location: Ruda Slaska town (near Katowice), Poland
📌 Duration: 12 months
📅 Mobility period: SPRING 2021
⏰ Deadline: As soon as possible

Age 18- 30

Residents from: Ireland, Georgia, Ukraine


The project is addressed for young people who are interested in culture and would like to improve their skills in cultural animation for kids, youth and adults.

We offer volunteers 3 type of activities:


Our organisation is closely connected with an independent /alternative cinema. Volunteers will be invited to participate meetings of the Film Discussion Club and preparation of movie presentations. They will also help to organise and promote film festivals (Avalanches - mountain films, Deeps - underwater films) They will help add an international dimension to these events (promotion and ensuring accessibility of those events for foreigners staying in the area). Their passions will be developed on artistic and technical classes in photography and film production. They will be involved in creation of posters and promotion materials.


Participants will be involved in assisting in music and dance classes that are organised in the DIFFERENT HOUSE OF CULTURE like HIP-HOP, MODERN DANCE, SALSA, ZUMBA, singing and playing on instruments (guitar, drums).  Volunteers will be able to develop their music passions in the field of alternative music we will help them meet young musicians and music producers, organize concerts and improve their skills. One of the duty of volunteers will be musical animation for groups that are coming to our Community Centre “DIFFERENT HOUSE OF CULTURE”.


Volunteers will participate in regular activities in our Community Centre

  • ● assisting in the regular classes (dance, theatre, music, language, art, etc.)
  • ● organizing local festivals, outdoor animations, day camps
  • ● collaboration with our partners and the local community (activities promoting multiculturalism and organisation's activities in ngo’s, kindergartens, schools etc.),
  • ● promotion the culture and languages from their countries in regular and outdoor activities addressed for local community
  • ● support us in inviting and adjusting our cultural activities for immigrants that live in Silesia Metropolis

As a volunteer you will have a chance to try all presented activities, but by the time you will focus on the area you are mainly interested in. You will get the support of our organisation to realise your cultural project that will help you to discover opportunities of employment in culture.

Practical arrangement:

The volunteer will share a fully-equipped flat with another (or maximum with two more) volunteer of the same sex. They are located near Katowice, modern and developed multicultural city in Silesia Region full of event and entertainment possibilities and even job opportunities Free Wi-Fi in the flats and in the office is available. All the expenses are covered by organisation. The volunteers will have a monthly ticket to be used to reach the Association. They will receive weekly money for food (25 EUR) and pocket money (27 EUR) for their free time in the Polish currency.

Volunteer will work about 4-5 days per week up to 6 hours per day. Volunteer will always work in a team with support of their supervisor. Some periods will be very intensive – like July and winter holidays as we are organising Day Camp for kids but … there is also a time for holidays in August. We will support them to organise your free time and travels.

Out volunteers get a chance to work with energetic team of friends, travel and be a part of cultural events!

Training opportunities:

The volunteer will participate in two trainings. At the beginning of the mobility, they will take part in the on-arrival training, where they will learn about their rights and duties as a volunteer, how to use the mobility period to acquire new skills and develop their competencies. The second training is the mid-term one, which is a chance to evaluate and reflect on the mobility, improve communication techniques and find out more about post-volunteering opportunities, further work on the acquired competencies and how to use them in their professional and personal life.

For all period of stay organisation provide personal coaching and cultural learning opportunities.

Volunteer Profile:

The project is addressed for people with joy and energy interested in culture: film, music, dance and culture, team work and performance. If you are musically talented,  you love dancing, singing, you are playing instrument – this is perfect place for you.  If you can draw, paint, cook or you are manually talented- we will help you to develop your gift and use it in cultural animation . But you don’t have to possess all those skills – your motivation to be with us and share our joy of life is the most important!

 If you like to work with people: kids, youth, elderly ladies – you are more than welcomed!


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask!  

Fallow the website and ask on messenger on https://www.facebook.com/ESC-in-Ruda-%C5%9Al%C4%85ska-101590601431830/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Application (CV and letter of motivation)

can be send via website of ESC:



you can also contact us by e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.